The combing theory

The Safest Method

Combing the hair with a lubricant and lice comb is the safest and the most effective treatment.

When it comes to fighting lice infestation, experience is key!

The truth is out, there is NO need the use of any chemicals, “special lice shampoo” or Heat machine to get rid of eggs and lice.

Lil’-Buggers combing theory uses zero chemicals or pesticide, we ONLY use All-Natural oil blend, a professional lice and nit comb and magnifying glass as needed.

Our theory is simply knowing how to comb through the hair thoroughly and efficiently, protecting your hair and soothing and healing the scalp from the lice bites.

We’ve seen it all! After years of experience and treating over thousands of members just like you, rest assure you are in the hands of the experts.

“the safest method of getting rid of lice is to physically remove the insects and their eggs by combing”


Read our 5 stars reviews we collected throughout the years from our happy Lice Free Families here

Our Treatment

Treatment step by step

After we schedule your treatment Lil’-Buggers expert and trained technician will arrive at your home with unmarked vehicle – yes, we are discreet, the technician would bring everything that’s needed for the treatment.

She will quickly set up her work station, preferably in the brightest room or outdoor if weather permitted. You will only provide an old towel and a chair.

She would start checking each member at a time and if any signs of lice or nits she will perform a full treatment.

The treatment and In-home screening involve in getting the hair moist, combing through the hair with a professional fine-tooth comb, if a very thin hair, washing and blow drying the hair, searching the hair closely with a lighted magnifying glass and hand pick any remaining visible nits.

Treatment timing may vary depending on the level of infestation, thickness, texture of the hair and of-course client cooperation.

To speed up the process we recommend that the hair will be clean from any hair products and completely dry when we arrive to the appointment.

Our lice treatment is safe and effective in eliminating lice infestation on the first treatment.

We want to make sure you are done with lice, we offer you our guarantee plan, this plan is perfect solution for working parents who don’t have the time to follow up with the lice after-care plan or whoever just really want the peace of mind knowing it’s really DONE after the Guarantee plan! this is not a must and if you choose not to proceed with our guarantee plan, you will be guided by your technician through our after-care plan.

Save yourself from spending your money and time on products that don’t work!

Have our lice professional come to your home, treat and educate you how to treat and avoid getting lice again!

By the time the appointment ends you would know all about the Lice and it’s cycle and how to clean and treat your home.

On average a family of four takes two and half hours, may vary depending on texture of the hair, level of infestation and client corporation. The service is minimum of one hour. Visit our guarantee policy here.

Upon request we would e-mail you a school note declaring your child has been treated by Lil’-Buggers Specialist and no longer contagious.


A Louse can live off the head for 48 hours only, Hair brushes, helmets, hats, pony-tie and scarf that worn in the past 2 days should be set aside for 48 hours. I suggest doing laundry the day of the appointment.