Lice Removal Emerson Hill, NY

Emerson Hill Lice Treatment

Combing the hair with a lubricant and lice comb is the safest and the most effective treatment.

When it comes to fighting lice infestation, experience is key!

The truth is out, there is NO need the use of any chemicals, “special lice shampoo” or Heat machine to get rid of eggs and lice.

Lil’-Buggers combing theory uses zero chemicals or pesticide, we ONLY use All-Natural oil blend, a professional lice and nit comb and magnifying glass as needed.

Our theory is simply knowing how to comb through the hair thoroughly and efficiently, protecting your hair and soothing and healing the scalp from the lice bites.

We’ve seen it all! After years of experience and treating over thousands of members just like you, rest assure you are in the hands of the experts.

“the safest method of getting rid of lice is to physically remove the insects and their eggs by combing”

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    Lil-Buggers Natural Lice Removal Service, serving NYC and surrounding
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    The Service is discreet and confidential. Lil’-Buggers guarantees full eradication of the lice.

    Why Lil'-Buggers

    We offer convenient service in your home.

    We only use Natural products, our treatment is safe for babies, kids with allergies or sensitivity and pregnant women. The treatment is 100% effective – One treatment eliminate infestation. After the treatment your child can return to school – upon request we provide a LICE FREE clear certification for school nurse.

    We value your privacy, we are confidential and discreet service.

    Same day appointment is available.​

    Mother owned business – we have been through lice infestation as well.

    Lil-Buggers visits Schools and Camps and preform lice screening.​

    Competitive rates, no hidden fees.

    For your peace of mind we now offer guaranteed treatment plan. Clean, professional & thorough Lice treatment.

    Full treatment for the entire family In the comfort of your home Same Day Appointment Available.

    100% All- Natural Lice Treatment Safe for Pregnant woman, babies, kids with allergies and sensitivity Safe and effective treatment.

    Worry free
    We Guarantee Now
    offering Lice cycle plan.

    Image of a woman treating a young girl for head lice in New York City.

    Lil-Buggers is your finest choice

    Confidential service in the comfort of your home

    Plant Base – All-Natural products

    Safe for everyone!

    100% effective – Immediate results and relief from the lice bites

    Only one treatment needed to eliminate infestation

    Child can return to school immediately after the treatment. 

    Upon request we provide a treatment certification to school nurse

    Lil-Buggers screens in schools & camps

    Same Day Appointment

    Mother owned business 

    Affordable competitive rate; lower than salon

    Lice Cycle Guarantee plan available 

    Emerson Hill Snapshot

    Emerson Hill is the state of a hilly area, and the neighborhood upon which the hill is situated in Staten Island, New York, one of the five boroughs of New York City, United States.

    The roads on Emerson Hill are technically private, and several gates are found at approaches to the enclave. Since the gates are seldom closed and are not staffed by security personnel, it does not qualify as a gated community. Emerson Hill is separated from its equally exclusive neighborhoods of Grymes Hill just north of the Staten Island Expressway, and Todt Hill — where private roads afterward exist — borders upon the south.

    The hill is named for Judge William Emerson — oldest brother of Ralph Waldo Emerson — who lived when his wife, Susan, and children William, Haven and Charles in a long, brown shingle home known as The Snuggery. Willie and Haven were tutored in 1843 by Henry David Thoreau, who lived taking into consideration the Emersons from May through October. It was the only mature in his adult spirit that Thoreau lived anywhere but Concord, Massachusetts.

    In 1971, two large mock Tudor homes at the decline of Longfellow Avenue served as Casa Corleone for the filming of Francis Ford Coppola’s timeless movie The Godfather.

    Coordinates: 40°36′16″N 74°07′36″W / 40.60444°N 74.12667°W / 40.60444; -74.12667