Lil’-Buggers 30 Days Guarantee

Rest assured and know that you are in good hands we offer a LICE SERVICE with a 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEE

After your treatment, you and your family are 100% Lice Free

We guarantee the treatment and we will explain and guide you on how to check and maintain the results.

Our Treatment method has proven time and again to be 100% effective!!!

Lil’-Buggers has successfully treated thousands of infested kids and adults with a 100% resulting in being​


Everyone at home must get checked to receive our guarantee

In most cases, one professional treatment is enough, if the infestation is severe we would advise having a second treatment.

Our service is all-natural, and we bring it all with us, you wouldn’t need to purchase any products for the treatment.

We will educate you on how to treat and nourish the hair during and after the treatment.

In the unlikely event, within the 30 days after your treatment, you happen to find a Louse, please send us a picture & contact us immediately we would schedule a visit asap, at NO charge to you.

Qualification for Lil’-Buggers Guarantee required everyone who lives at home to get checked during the treatment, even Dad!